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Hi, I’m Richmond!

I write code, test, and tell stories.

Latest posts

Unlocking One’s Full Potential

Has it been two years and six months? It's funny how slow two years are when looking forward, yet too quick when looking back. It's been two years...

UX+ 2021: My 3 Favorite Talks

Last September 10 to 12, I attended the UX+ conference (virtually) with some of my teammates. This is my third time attending this event, with just...

We’re NOT going to find our purpose

What is our purpose in life? It’s a BIG question and possibly an anxiety-inducing one. Looking at it from a detached perspective, finding one’s...

From a Developer to QA

There are some moments in our lives that introduce a fresh path, and everything is different since then. It’s not like one chapter leading into the...

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